Swiss Chard Loves Hot Weather

As do most other items currently growing in the garden. This is the second year we have had a garden plot at the Portland Community Gardens location on North Street. It’s in a great location, lots of sun and great views of Back Cove.

Monster Chard.

We used the plot to grow sage and lavender for place settings at our wedding last year.

Let’s address the sage:

There is so much of it, it just keeps growing and growing, threatening to take over the walk way. Please, please let me know if you want some! I’m planning on cutting several bunches for drying. If you are getting married and would like to add sage to your bouquet or flowers, I would love it give it to you – I hate to see it all go to waste.

When I planted the curly kate, beetles got at the baby plants when they were only two or three inches high, so I thought they were doomed, but they have made a comeback. Definitely late for the season, but a good reminder to plant more kale for a fall harvest

With the strawberries past their peak, it seems like everything in the garden is a various shade of green – I want to grow more color next year! What are you growing in your garden this summer? If you are interested in swapping, we have rainbow chard, kale and basil – and soon, cucumbers, basil, green beans and golden beets!

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