Guest Post – Four Looks with Thrifted and Vintage Clothes

Twitter has connected me to many great and interesting people from all over. Thanks to this social media network, on a cold Saturday morning my friend @cristymaldonado and I headed up north to Portland, ME to meet @joppathoughts who I already knew (and met through Twitter) and @mainebelle who I met for the first time.

The four of us headed to the Portland Museum of Art where we argued over Richard Nonas’ Stopped Bar Series, Two Down and talked about Shaker furniture, art, blogging, fashion, thrifting and so much more.  We went on a beer tasting trip to Shipyard Brewing Company and even visited several vintage clothing stores (of course).

It is vintage clothing and thrifting that brings me to Maine Belle as a guest contributor.  I love the thrill of the hunt. Spending countless hours on weekend mornings perusing through old vinyl records, books, magazines and vintage clothes has to be one of the most relaxing activities one can do. Thrifting isn’t for everyone, but if you have the patience, the eye and the vision to turn someone else’s “trash” into your own treasure, you’re in for a treat (I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but we know how fun and rewarding thrifting can be).

I love finding one-of-a-kind statement vintage items that can make my outfit pop or set me apart from the crowd. I know it when I see it, and never question whether I’d be able to pull something off or whether it will even look good on me. It’s all in the attitude. I rock it, walk out the door and never look back.

In this first (of many guest contributions on my vintage and thrifted clothes–I hope), I share some style photos—courtesy of my friend Cynthia Staples who was kind enough to spend around 3 hours with me and my friend Michelle H., photographing some of our (mostly) thrifted and vintage clothes.

Look #1

I wore this ensemble for the first time in 2010 out to dinner followed by a rocking concert by Florence and the Machine. I rocked it as much as Florence rocked her concert–and it felt super great!  It is put together with mostly vintage pieces–Red plaid piped blazer (which I LOVE): I got at The Garment District in Cambridge, I think I paid less than $20 for it. It has attitude and never fails to get me a compliment or two. The blue ruffled tuxedo shirt has an interesting story (I’ll probably tell someday) and I bought it from the lovely Hilken Mancini over at 40 South St. in Jamaica Plain. The necklace is another awesome find. I found it by digging through a box full of jewelry at the SoWA Vintage and Antique Market in Boston. I paid a whooping $5 for it and as it turns out, even the stones are real! Jeans: Super Skinny Levi Jeans. Boots: Martin & Osa. Scarf: Thrifted at Goodwill.

Look #2

This is a nice outfit for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon walking around the city looking at architecture or browsing through books at an used bookstore. The navy blue peacoat (not thrifted): Ralph Lauren and is an essential item in any guy’s closet. The grey asymmetrical ribbed long sleeve shirt is Zara but thrifted from The Garment District. I borrowed the scarf (I own around 30 scarves) and the cameo bracelet from my friend Michelle H. and I made the beaded wood bracelets. The other accessories are the gloves –these are unlined leather and weren’t thrifted (a bit expensive) but they add some punch to any outfit. Last but not least, the sneakers: These are Air Jordan Retro 1 Hi Premier Gucci–inspired by the Gucci colorway. It was love at first sight when I saw these in Portland, Oregon–my heart started screaming–I listened and got them. Have never looked back since then. The sunglasses: I claimed those after being abandoned by their respective owner at my job’s lost and found box. They were meant to be with me, obviously :).  Note: the Air Jordan photo was taken by me using my cellphone.

Look #3

I love this outfit. The red plaid shirt was thrifted from Goodwill; the red v-neck sweater was thrifted from a shop in Valparaiso, Chile; extremely funky plaid pants are Levi’s 511 and were thrifted from The Garment District; the stone and wood necklace was a gift from a friend; the 1970’s brown leather jacket was thrifted from The Garment District (I think I paid around $20 for it and it is such an awesome piece I couldn’t be happier with it-the brand is Wilson Leather and the label is pretty cool). The boots are Carhartt and I thrifted them from Rescue on Newbury Street (turns out they are a sample model and were sold to the store by a sneaker designer–who helped design these–I love these to death also). You can’t see its details, but the watch is white and is made by Diesel; the bracelets are my own.

Look #4

I’m not afraid to rock loud colors and the lime-green and blue vintage jacket (brand is Speedo Australia, it has a cool label too), the yellow, maize blue, green Nike Cortez “Brazil” sneakers and the watch prove this point. I got the jacket last spring at Dame Vintage in Jamaica Plain; the scarf is thrifted from Goodwill, the face of the watch is Neves, but the strap (interchangeable depending on look, mood, or in my case–sneakers) I made myself using old ties which I cut up, measured to appropriate length and had my mom sew it and add gromets and a buckle. The sunglasses are Oakley and I bought those from Oakley while a poor college student in New Hampshire.


Thanks to my friend Cynthia Staples for tagging along to take these photos. Thanks to Michelle Smith for letting me guest blog here. You can catch me on Twitter @EvolvingCritic or at The Evolving Critic (on indefinite blogging vacation at the moment, but do check the archive).

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