DIY House Project Ideas

Life is busy as ever over here, but I do have some exciting news – we bought a house! We started looking a few months ago and happened upon one last month that is perfect for us. It’ s in Portland, close to downtown, on a bus line and is an older home that has recently been updated, so it still has its 1920s charm. We don’t move in until the end of June, so it leaves us plenty of time to plan, pack and daydream about fun projects. Here is some inspiration I’ve come across recently that I want to try out in the new house:

CD case turned into bathroom shelving:

CD Shelf for Bathroom

courtesy of Repurposed, Recycled, Reused, Reused, Reclaimed, Restored

I’m kicking myself for not keeping my old CD shelves, but I bet these pop up at thrift stores all the time. My only concern would be water collecting at the bottom of the holders, and hence mold, but my husband suggested drilling some holes in the bottom of each shelf to allow air to circulate – problem solved!

Old bed frame turned into garden fencing

Bed frame in garden

Courtesy of Unconsumption

I don’t know how much time I will have to start a garden this year, but I love the look of this old headboard in the garden bed. I think I will wait and see what the current occupants planted in the garden in the back. There is a big raised garden bed right behind the deck and a pretty expansive yard behind that, so there will be lots of room for experimenting with flowers, vegetables and fruit bushes.

Framed postcards

frames 1

courtesy of third story(ies)


courtesy of the style files

This is a project I’ve had on the back burner since our wedding. Instead of a guest book, we had people write messages on vintage Maine postcards. We have some great messages and  images, so I’ve been wanting to put them in glass clip frames and display on a wall – now we will have room to do this! The postcards are 3×5, however, and I can’t find clear glass frames that size – 4×6 is the smallest I can find online – any suggestions on how else I could display them?

What house projects have you taken on this spring?

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5 Responses to DIY House Project Ideas

  1. Ben Sweeney says:

    I’ve had glass clip frames like that cut for me at frame shops. Can’t remember how much they cost though.

  2. Ben Sweeney says:

    I’ve had glass clip frames like that cut for me at frame shops. It was a long time ago so I can’t remember how much it cost though.

  3. Ben Sweeney says:

    Oh, another thing: if you frame them like that you’d have to choose if you want to see the postcard image or the message on the back. I had a similar 2-sided print I wanted to frame so I used a float frame. It’s on a picture rail from Ikea so it’s not hung on the wall and both sides can be easily seen.

  4. Congratulations! We can’t wait to see what you cook up 🙂

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