SWAPmaine: Fall Edition 2011

This coming Saturday, October 29, is the Fall edition of SWAPmaine. SWAPmaine is a project I have been involved with in the past year through my work with Goodwill. In early 2011, a group of Portland fashion bloggers got together and decided that Portland needed a well organized city-wide clothing swap that offers people the opportunity to trade the old for the “new,” all while benefiting a local nonprofit organization. Goodwill is a sponsor of the event, but also receives all left over donations at the end of the swap. Last time, we were able to donate nearly 3,000 pounds of high quality clothing!

Luckily, I found enough time last weekend to go through my clothes and complete a massive purge. Part of the problem I have is I don’t put things in “storage.” I hear stories about people packing up sweaters for the summer, or boxing up t-shirts once October hits. I’ve never done this – everything is easily accessible 100% of the time. New England seasons are too finicky AND I know I would forget about half the items I own. So I keep everything out, but with limited closet space, this also means I can’t keep a whole lot. Closet purging needs to happen every few months.

Following the spirit of Allie’s blog she just wrote for SWAPmaine, the following items are up for grabs – please take them!

Hippie skirt I’ve held on to since college – it’s finally going

LL Bean Green & White Checked Shirt – it’s actually a really cute shirt, but I could never make it work for me – hopefully someone will be excited to try it out!

Not promising ironing will happen.

The short-sleeve knit sweater. Though this is a style I love, I can’t quite pull it off, so I’m sending it off to the swap.

REALLY cute red and white polka dot dress. This is a great dress, it’s just a tad too small and there’s a small hole in the back that needs mending. I’ve been meaning to do this for close to a year, but since it has not happened, I decided we were not meant to be.

1950s blue star dress – this was one of my favorites for awhile!

Whatever you are purging, I encourage you to bring a bag of cast offs to the swap and get something new to you! Full details are SWAPmaine.

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5 Responses to SWAPmaine: Fall Edition 2011

  1. jeezejulia says:

    Ugh! I hope I find that blue star dress + that it fits me. Looks perfect!

    By the way, this is the first time I’m reading your blog! How did I not find it before?


  2. i want that star dress!!!

  3. SWAPMaine! What an absolutely brilliant idea!

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