Winter Coats & My Spiewak Secret

One fateful day last Spring, I just *happened* to be at the Dover, NH Goodwill store. While there on *business* I mindlessly flipped through the winter coats, not really looking, but feeling like since I was in a thrift store, I had to look at something – ever get that feeling?

Well, I’m looking through and I stop at an innocent-looking brown pea coat. The quality of the fabric was high and in great condition – plus it was a long coat, something I’m always looking for to keep my whole self warm in the winter. I pulled it out and tried it on – it fit me to a T. All the buttons were in tact, it looked great, it was warm – sold! Bought it for $4.99.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I begrudgingly took the coat out of the closet to actually *wear.* In October – the horrors! As I’m putting it on, Pat stops in his tracks and asks, “where did get you get coat?” I gave him the *look* and he said, “Goodwill, really!?”

He showed me the label and it turns out this coat is a Spiewak.

So what, you say? This is what I said. However, Pat had bought a Spiewak coat last year for a pretty penny, so I immediately went online to learn more. Spiewak was founded in Brooklyn in 1904 by Isaac Spiewak. He first sold sheepskin vests and also made uniforms for soliders in WWI and WWII. Today, they specialize in uniforms for police, fire and EMS agencies. They also now make a “streetwear” brand and claim to be “America’s best kept secret.” I’ll say, I had no idea! I did some further investigation and they have some NICE coats. Check these out:

I also did a search and the only place that sells Spiewak in Maine is Bliss Boutique in Portland. But the most important thing – cost! The average cost of a new women’s Spiewak coat is $186.75 (I came to this conclusion by taking the average price of all the women’s Spiewak coats here). Though I couldn’t find my specific jacket (I’m thinking it came out within five years), I think it probably cost close to $300, considering the length and warmth of the coat.

Sorry, I was solo when I took these pictures, otherwise I would have modeled!

I think you can really see the military uniform history of the company in this coat. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with this find – what winter coat are you excited to wear this upcoming season?

ADDENDUM: Also, also! I found an amazing coat at SWAPmaine this past weekend. I need to find the perfect event to wear it to, but I’m thinking holiday parties. Stay tuned for photos!

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3 Responses to Winter Coats & My Spiewak Secret

  1. I love hidden thrift store treasures like this one – good find. It’ll come in handy considering how chilly it already is in Maine…!

  2. What a fabulous find — and a seriously fabulous coat!

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